While Heaven is the abode of God, God’s design for Creation has always been to dwell among Man. From walking with Man in the days of the Garden of Eden, God would later specify to Moses how He would dwell among His people in His Tabernacle saying, “I will meet with the children of Israel; […]

Life continually offers us a choice in how we choose to spend it. Our most natural and basic instinct is to follow our wants and desires. Or we can sometimes heed the direction of duty and obligation. But there is also a third way, and by it we pursue not what we want, or ought to […]

At a national level, family is a vital, irreplaceable social infrastructure for optimising human welfare and development. In even the poorest communities, the family network is the best safety net, where individuals who find themselves in trouble can turn to and depend on. It is a natural building block on which help can be best […]

Families are only strong when we connect as a network of support that each can depend on. In an eventual crisis, interlocking ‘boats’ prove more resilient and stable, giving children the best chance to be raised and readied for a future where they can prosper. ENCOUNTER GOD’S DESIGN IN FAMILY Radically changing the purpose and […]

Part of DNA’s genius is how dense and energy efficient it is. One gram stores 455 billion gigabytes, and just four grams hold as much data as the world produces in a year! Every cell in your body carries a copy of your DNA, a remarkably long ‘scroll’ of code that unwinds to over 2 […]

Our greatest value is realised in our service to others. Like a lemonade jug, our lives are designed to be vessels that pour out into others. While our immediate holding capacity may be limited, there’s really no limit to how many jugfuls of blessing we can receive, depending on how fast we can release it […]

From 15th century Chinese junks to modern oil tankers stretching some 500 meters, ships are the largest vehicles of mass transportation ever made. While some vessels can ferry thousands, and others carry a small crew, everyone onboard shares one thing: a common destination!DESTINY – EVERY NATION HAS ONENations are ships: some large, some small; some […]

Laws are providential danger signs that help point to the purpose of creation as God intended. Where we try to divert that purpose and push past the natural limitations of design, we soon walk into a host of detrimental effects and unforeseen risks. Like cycling a racing bike down a jungle trail, or driving a […]

We carry in our DNA, the destiny of our family! As we choose to live by the ways of God, we release blessings that flow in our family river. Likewise, a disregard for God’s ways carries downstream consequences “to the third and fourth generation” (Ex 20:5). Throughout biblical history, God unveils destinies designed to be […]

“The Potter is aiming at humility, gratitude and meekness. His goal is not perfection in the way we define it, but perfection in Love… I don’t want to be preoccupied with my success or my failure, cause only He can see the true target and His hands are working good in me.” ~ Misty Edwards […]